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Meet Our Permanent Fitness Achievers


Meet Mrs Veena a doctor & a mother and Veena reached out to us after seeing her daughter Nandini’s transformation.

She also got motivated to kick-start her transformation journey.

She was suffering from weight gain, hypertension, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, hair fall, frequent headaches and on regular medicines for blood pressure.

Also when it came to the diet she had an issue in controlling her cravings which also was a challenge for her.

And then her journey started with her.

Her medication also reduced gradually and achieved noticeable fat loss.


Meet Vaaruni, a 17 year old young student struggling with her health and weight, and she had no control over food habits.

She tried many FAD diets, but she trapped in losing and gaining cycle.

Vaaruni wanted to get fit with a solution which she can sustain permanently.

We implemented our 3 pillar strategy starting from the habit integration phase, to one on one hand holding diet and at last making her independent.

Vaaruni managed to lose 7 kgs in just 12 weeks with an amazing inch loss and she is now independently maintaining her weight.

Pariksha :

Meet Pariksha, a working professional was struggling with her weight, health issues like iron deficiency and thyroid and overall lifestyle.

She was taking a 100mcg dose for thyroid.

Her main goal was to reduce her weight, minimise the dosage, manage health, body and lifestyle naturally.

Now, she is approximately 11 kgs down!!

Not just her weight went down but she was able to reduce her dosage for thyroid from 100 to 75 mcg.


Pariksha is still working on her health and well being independently, we made sure to train and teach her to be independent to sustain her results.