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Aditi Magan:

Meet Aditi a young mother and IT working professional struggling to manage her lifestyle, health, and weight.

Aditi wanted to get rid of her postpartum weight and at the same time wanted to be fit and active.

Not only did she have a goal to be physically fit and healthy but wanted to feel mentally healthy and satisfied with her body.

She was truly amazing and very consistent throughout her journey which is visible from her results.

Aditi lost approx 11 kgs and achieved great inch loss in just 14 weeks and her journey is still going on with us.


Meet Vaaruni, a 17 year old young student struggling with her health and weight, and she had no control over food habits.

She tried many FAD diets, but she trapped in losing and gaining cycle.

Vaaruni wanted to get fit with a solution which she can sustain permanently.

We implemented our 3 pillar strategy starting from the habit integration phase, to one on one hand holding diet and at last making her independent.

Vaaruni managed to lose 7 kgs in just 12 weeks with an amazing inch loss and she is now independently maintaining her weight.

Esha Dhiman:

Esha, a 26-year-old IT Working Professional was dealing with

1) Thyroid
2) Weight Gain
3) Lack of Consistency
4) Feeling Underconfident
5) Acne and hairfall issues
6) Poor Sedentary lifestyle

Her goals were to

1) Reduce fat
2) To feel confident
3) Improve Metabolism
4) Physically but mentally fit
5) Improve lifestyle and routine
6) To wear her favorite clothes and dresses

We implemented our 3 Pillar Starter and The Final Diet Fix Program for her.

She lost a good amount of weight which improved her overall health and confidence.

Now, she is slaying in all her favorite clothes.

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Why Are You Failing, Every
Single Time?

We can’t remember how many women came to us after trying different weight loss plans…

but somehow they end up gaining more weight or not being able to sustain it after completing the plan.

The reason is because they don’t have a plan that fits their goals.

Plus, they don’t have a way to sustain their results after completing the diet plan.

And this creates anxiety in women about their overall health and looks.

So they seek out better plans, watch more YouTube videos on weight loss, and talk with different weight loss consultants.

It Is All A TRAP!!!

People get into the trap of a cycle of weight loss and weight gain.

They cannot find one single plan that they can rely on for their weight loss and sustain it for a lifetime rather than losing and gaining weight again and again.

And that’s why now…

You Need A Plan That Gives
Permanent Results

It takes more than just a diet plan, & involves mindset, habits, techniques to effortlessly sustain results for a lifetime, without going on a diet again & again or long exhausting workouts.

That’s Why Nutritionist Saloni’s Created


Unlike Any Other Transformation Program

Final Diet Fix Program helps you

Get Fit/Get In Shape

Sustain The Results Forever


3-Phase Life-Changing Transformation Game Plan

1st Phase:

Habit Integration Phase

In this phase, we help you build strong habits with both body training & Mind Training to become a better you, at the very start.

2nd Phase:

HandHolding Phase

In this phase, we will handhold you to achieve rapid weight loss, what to eat for best nourishment of body, with regular sessions and accountability.

3rd Phase:

Independence Phase

At this phase, you’ll become independent & make better choices for your cravings, you’ll master how to sustain results for life time without needing a dietician again.

You’ll Never Diet Again!!!

After this 3 Phase Transformation, You will never need any program to stay fit and healthy, You will become independent & sustain results permanently!


It's never too late to start focusing on your health and well-being.

Meet Mrs Veena a doctor & a mother and Veena reached out to us after seeing her daughter Nandini's transformation. 

She also got motivated to kick-start her transformation journey.

She was suffering from weight gain, hypertension, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, hair fall, frequent headaches and on regular medicines for blood pressure.

Also when it came to the diet she had an issue in controlling her cravings which also was a challenge for her.

And then her journey started with her. 

Her medication also reduced gradually and achieved noticeable fat loss.

Vidhi :

She is Vidhi a 23 year working professional has 10 to 8 sitting job making her busy throughout the day leaving no time for physical activity.

She was struggling with her weight, and overall health.

Vidhi wanted to lose around 10 kgs, a toned body, noticeable inch loss to get fit and feel confident.

Her problem areas were especially the belly, shoulders, and thighs.

Vidhi decided to take our program for her health and body for a healthy lifestyle.

Here she with almost 10 kgs down, an amazing inch loss, improved health, boosted confidence and feeling super healthy and happy.

Shivangee :

A busy Chartered Accountant, wife, and daughter.

Because of all these roles, she couldn't focus on eating healthy food.

She often relied on Zomato and Swiggy meals and her health took a backseat.

Shivangee took charge to change and reached out to us!

She wanted to:

Get fit Manage her health without popping multiple pills Nourish her body with good food without gaining back her lost weight!

Team Nutritionist Saloni gave Self Mastery Approach and 100% customisation.

In just 90 days, Shivangee dropped drastically inches and 9 KGS. ALL HER HEALTH PARAMETERS GOT MANAGED. This made her feel super confident!

While also

Manage Medical Concerns

100s Of Women Started Getting Regular Periods

You DO NOT Have To Do These To Stay Fit Forever

Almost everything you’ve seen & learned so far about weight loss.

No Hour Looooooonng Meal Preps

(Unlike any other plans, you don’t have to spend hours in kitchen prepping your diet meals)

Final Diet Fix Program Is Last Program You’ll Ever Need

And we are not saying this, 1000s of transformed people say this.

A Transformation Testimonials Saying The Same Thing

This ‘Final Diet Fix Program’ is specially designed to make you independent in sustaining your weight even after completion of the program.

This Approach has helped lose

1 Lakh Kgs

& Create 4550+ Real Transformations Like

Laveena :

Laveena Bajaj a very busy working professional, with a long due dream to get fit and keep it of forever…

Arleen, a mother of a beautiful 2-year-old baby girl & a busy working professional.

Arleen was struggling to maintain her fitness and weight for a long time.

Her goal was to feel and look fit and here she is, fitting back in all her old clothes.

We just helped her with simple home-based meals, workouts, and corrective measures towards a healthy lifestyle.

We worked in 3 phases with her & the results have been legendary, we are now moving to LEVEL 2 with Arleen.

Our next goal would be to take her to the 50s and also work on body recomposition!

Riya aggarwal :

Presenting to you the Phase 2 transformation of our cutest client Riya.

We had already shared her mid-transformation progress with you all a few weeks ago and we couldn't wait to show the final result to you all.

A mother of 2 months old going back to her old shape with improved health and lifestyle.

Gaining back her confidence and all set and fit.

We are amazed by the dedication and consistency that Riya has shown throughout the journey.

We also helped her to deal and manage her PCOD and thyroid condition.

Result: 16kgs lost

Tajalley :

Meet Tajalley, a teacher from a beautiful place, Kashmir.

The photo on the left itself says about the problem for her - WEIGHT GAIN, UNFIT BODY.

Tajalley wanted to not just get rid of that extra fat but wanted to look fit.

She also had issues like constipation, insomnia, anxiety, acidity, skin and hair issues.

She followed our plan with a routine that made her lose weight and improve her overall well-being.

And here she is almost 9 kgs down, with a noticeable inch loss.

I can show you 100 more and then a 1000, and then a 1000 more of such real life-changing transformation stories.

Vidhi, (24 year old
a working professional)

Struggled with:

  • Extra kilos due to busy professional lifestyle
  • Overall health was not good
  • Problem areas were especially the belly, shoulders, and thighs

Her goal:

  • Lose 10 kgs
  • Toned body
  • Noticeable inch loss and
  • Wanted to be fit and feel confident


  • Improved Health
  • Boosted confidence
  • 10 kgs down with an amazing inch loss
  • Feeling super healthy and happy

Mrs Veena
(a Doctor & a mother)

Struggled with:

  • Hair fall
  • Dry skin
  • Extra kilos
  • Hypertension
  • Blood pressure
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Frequent headaches
  • The issue in controlling her cravings

Her goal:

  • Lose 10 kgs
  • Toned body
  • Noticeable inch loss
  • Wanted to be fit and feel confident


  • Blood pressure stopped fluctuating frequently
  • Medication reduced gradually
  • Her face used to look puffy which also got better eventually
  • Noticeable fat and inch loss. More confident and healthy than before

Just Like You

They Never Believed At First, But When They Started Final Diet Fix Program

What’s Included In Final Diet Fix Program

● 80-20 Rule
● Penultimate Diet Plans
● Self Mastery Approach


(Best Part is, everything inside the program will be according to you, your unique needs, & your lifestyle)


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