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Aditi Magan:

Meet Aditi a young mother and IT working professional struggling to manage her lifestyle, health, and weight.

Aditi wanted to get rid of her postpartum weight and at the same time wanted to be fit and active.

Not only did she have a goal to be physically fit and healthy but wanted to feel mentally healthy and satisfied with her body.

She was truly amazing and very consistent throughout her journey which is visible from her results.

Aditi lost approx 11 kgs and achieved great inch loss in just 14 weeks and her journey is still going on with us.


Meet Vaaruni, a 17 year old young student struggling with her health and weight, and she had no control over food habits.

She tried many FAD diets, but she trapped in losing and gaining cycle.

Vaaruni wanted to get fit with a solution which she can sustain permanently.

We implemented our 3 pillar strategy starting from the habit integration phase, to one on one hand holding diet and at last making her independent.

Vaaruni managed to lose 7 kgs in just 12 weeks with an amazing inch loss and she is now independently maintaining her weight.

Esha Dhiman:

Esha, a 26-year-old IT Working Professional was dealing with

1) Thyroid
2) Weight Gain
3) Lack of Consistency
4) Feeling Underconfident
5) Acne and hairfall issues
6) Poor Sedentary lifestyle

Her goals were to

1) Reduce fat
2) To feel confident
3) Improve Metabolism
4) Physically but mentally fit
5) Improve lifestyle and routine
6) To wear her favorite clothes and dresses

We implemented our 3 Pillar Starter and The Final Diet Fix Program for her.

She lost a good amount of weight which improved her overall health and confidence.

Now, she is slaying in all her favorite clothes.


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